Board of Directors

STR8 UP : 10,000 Little Steps to Healing, Inc.

Susan Saville


Susan has been involved with STR8 UP for several years, first as the Director of John Howard Society where she was able to adopt STR8 UP as a JHS program.  She moved to Red Deer to manage a Housing First Project with the Canadian Mental Health Association. The Canadian Mental Health Association in Saskatoon offered Susan the Executive Director position in 2012. She returned to take the job and rejoined the STR8 UP Board.
Susan has worked in community-based organizations for over thirty years, specializing in mental health and housing projects.

Harold Loewen

Vice President

“You may notice the picture is quite young looking — ‎ it’s my best picture.”

Besides having 5 grandchildren and a few cattle, I work and have worked for the ministry of Social Services for many years in many different capacities. I am presently working as a consultant in Residential Services, reviewing the quality of care in group homes in the province.

Raymond Lepage


Sarah Buhler


Sarah Buhler is an Assistant Professor at the University of Saskatchewan College of Law, teaching and researching in the area of access to justice, legal ethics and clinical legal education.  She has been involved at CLASSIC, a community-based legal clinic in Saskatoon that has a good relationship with STR8 UP, since 2007.

Sarah has been on the Board of STR8 UP since 2013.  Sarah and her husband Charlie have three children, aged 10, 6 and 4.

André Polièvre


Father André Polièvre is the founder, the spiritual heart and centre of STR8 UP. Many members speak of him as the father they never had and attribute their success in making a very difficult exit from violent, criminal and gang lives directly to his unwavering support and faith in them.  He “has their backs” and has earned their trust and affection. His strong and humble leadership is crucial to the success of STR8 UP in helping hundreds of people to leave behind the trauma and misery of gang life.

Below are two links to recent articles which give you a glimpse into the heart of this extraordinary healer, spiritual caretaker and educator.

  1. An article from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon newsletter [link to PDF] on the occasion of Father André Polièvre’s receipt of the 2009 Order of Canada “for providing social and moral support to Aboriginal and inner-city youth for more than 20 years, and for helping steer them away from the pitfalls of addiction and gang violence.”
  2. From the BC Catholic article [link] on the STR8 UP  conference held in Saskatoon February 5 and 6, 2014 “10,000 Steps : Resilience and Community Conference”



Stan Tuinukuafe

Stan is currently a school social worker at Oskayak High School.  He is the proud father of three beautiful girls and he and his wife just welcomed a new daughter in March 2015.

Cathy Bohachik

Cathy Bohachik brings extensive Board experience to STR8 UP. She served as Board member for The Elizabeth Fry Society, The Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company and CLASSIC.  She was also on the Executive of The Saskatoon Bar Association.  Cathy is excited to join the STR8 UP organization, as her 20 years as a criminal defense lawyer with The Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission brings her into frequent contact with young people who struggle to stay out of gangs.
Cathy is looking forward to both assisting  and learning more about STR8 UP.

Cheryl Vermette


Diann Block

Personal: Married, mother of four, two step-children. Five grandchildren.
Education: Bachelor of Social Work Degree
Experience: 20 years as Corrections Worker at Saskatoon Correctional Centre; 5 years as First Nations and Metis Community and Cultural Coordinator at SCC.
Philosophy: Guide by example and the belief that “No Human is Beyond Redemption”


Kearney Healy




Cheryl Taniskishayinew



Bobby Henry

Robert Henry is a Métis who was born and raised in a small rural community outside of Prince Albert, SK. Robert graduated from the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program in Prince Albert with a B.Ed. Robert’s Master’s thesis was titled,” Not Just Another Thug: Implications of Defining Youth Gangs in a Prairie City”.

Robert’s areas of interest include gangs and gang theory, youth subcultures, and anti-racist/anti-oppressive theory. He is currently working on his PhD.