STR8 UP presentations

STR8 UP began doing presentations in 2007. The presentations discuss the conditions of joining STR8 UP and explain the key concept of the Medicine Wheel in the healing journey. Members of STR8 UP speak honestly and openly about their life experiences and the insidious and cyclical effects of family dysfunction: poverty, addictions, poor or absent parenting.  The healing model of STR8 UP acknowledges the origin of trauma and then teaches and supports members to accept responsibility for their actions, to work on their addictions, and to become better parents and partners.

We have done hundreds of presentations with many different audiences, featuring STR8 UP members at different stages in their wellness and audiences from every walk of life.


Do you have a target audience?

We present to anyone.  We’ve presented to professionals — probation officers and other Correctional Services of Canada staff, lawyers, social workers, mental health workers, addictions workers, researchers, academics, post-secondary students, etc.
We present to kids (12 and up) at schools. We visit reserves and treatment centers, some on a repeat invitation.   We’ve also visited and spoken at community centres, churches, university and high schools.

What's a good group size?

We are happy to meet with groups large and small. STR8 UP has presented to 400 people in TCU place and they’ve done mini presentations with just a few people attending.

Do you charge a fee?

Our presentation costs vary with each situation. Depending on where you are located, we may have travel or meal costs.

We have worked hard to accommodate all requests for presentations and we’ve invested in our capacity to grow and improve.  We learned we need to help our members speak with confidence, so we’ve given them public speaking training. STR8 UP members research, plan and develop their presentation around your needs.  As we evolve, we work to keep our costs low and our impact high.

Call our Presentation Coordinator (Stan Tuinukuafe: 306 229-8853) to discuss your options.


Questions about Presentations?

Call:  Alex Munoz: (306) 244-1771
Email: I have a question about STR8 UP Presentations

Book a STR8 UP Presentation

Contact Stan Tui’nukuafe: (306) 229-8853



“Eye-opening! Honesty– the brutal RAW truth — is so powerful and beautiful. Your authenticity and humor is so welcoming”

“Understanding the idea of building a foundation pre-release [from incarceration]”


Testimonials from Teachers

“Loved it! It should be mandatory for all teachers to attend”

“It was helpful getting their perspective on how the education system could help students’ resiliency against gang involvement”


Testimonials - High School Students

“The explanations of how you could get to be in a gang”

“Addiction, places to get help and people to not get involved with”


Testimonials - Post Secondary Students

“Lots of excellent information – very practical. It gave me a lot to process and think about”

“Very touching stories…it makes all the information we have been given throughout our studies and experiences so much more personal and real”