STR8 UP 10,000 little steps to healing

What we do

STR8 UP offers outreach services, programming and support to those who have lived or are living criminal street lifestyles and who want to make positive changes in their lives. Our goal is to provide hope, healing, and opportunities and to walk beside our members as they take their 10,000 little steps.  STR8 UP provides a supportive community where our members can bond over shared experiences and learn together. We strengthen community across the city and province by sharing our stories and working to promote understanding and empathy.

“I am healing. I am feeling healthy. I am doing what I can to look after myself. I’m doing the best that I can.”

— Jorgina

Help us reach our goals

Your donation helps STR8 UP continue to offer outreach services, employment and life skills programming to hundreds of ex-gang members. We recognize that this journey is long – made up of 10,000 Little Steps – every dollar given helps make each of these steps a little more manageable. Your support is crucial to our success.

Recent News


STR8 UP : 10,000 Little Steps to Healing, Inc. -  Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Interview STR8 UP has just released their newest book "STR8 UP: Stories of Courage — A Healing Workbook by recovering gang members and addicts". The stories from the book are a...

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Former gang member turns her life around

STR8 UP member and recent winner of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples Aboriginal Order of Canada, Jorgina Sunn talks to reporter Leena Latafat (Global News) about transforming her life with help from the community and STR8 UP. “If you are struggling and you don’t...

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